Gold Medal Penny Stocks Takes Notice of Appealing Stocks

Comstock Holdings Cos. Inc (NASDAQ:CHCI) opened strong this morning with gains of over 51% by the time of the writing of this article. The volume was impressive at over one million shares traded by this time as well. A net change of $0.60 pushed the price to $1.77 which yielded the 51%, a nice gain for investors who were able to catch it, and continue to actively trade this stock.

Where can you catch gains like this mean 51%? It’s simple, just go here.

China GengSheng Minerals Inc (AMEX:CHGS) has seen a nice morning as well, sitting at a percent change of over 20% at the time of this articles writing. Volume was just four thousand, but that was sufficient enough to push the share price up $0.05, putting the price at $0.27 per share. The day continues to go well for CHGS as the stock remains active into the mid morning.

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Gold Medal Penny Stocks is not a registered securities advisor. Investors should always conduct their own additional due diligence with any potential investment or highlighted company. The company provides information on highlighted stocks via press releases, newsletters and company website, but this should not be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell. Please visit the company website for a more complete list of risks and disclosures.

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KR Global Trading9(TM) Apple Ipad Mini Magnetic Sleep/wake

Full Title- Trading Snake Oil For Wolftickets. Second album from Los Angeles based singer/songwriter. Track 12, 'Mad World', is a beautiful cover of the Tears For Fears hit and it also appeared on a soundtrack for 'Donnie Darko'. 12 tracks in all packaged in digipak format. Modular.

Price: $ 35

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Gold prices declined in heavy volume worse

Gold prices were hammered on Monday after the Chinese government released weaker than expected Gross Domestic Product data.  According to officials, Chinese GDP climbed by 7.7% in the first quarter on a year over year basis, compared to expectations that it would climb by 8%.

A recent article published in Wealth Advisor Club ( suggests that the combination of weaker than expected GDP and Industrial production was the nail in the coffin for the yellow metal, which declined more than $100 dollar per ounce or nearly 10%.

According to the article, the Chinese data was soft in all areas with the exception of Retail Sales which came in slightly better than expectations at 12.5%.

Later in the week, the Chinese government released inflation data that was better than expected which should allow the Peoples Bank of China to alter monetary policy creating a more accommodative capital markets environment.

For more information visit

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Hinterland Trading Air Plant Tillandsia with Hanging Glass Globe and Seashells Kit Great Little Houseplant

You can't beat Tillandsias or "air plants" for ease of care, even if you have the black thumb of death!! No soil required!! They are extremely low maintenance and only require bright, indirect light and a bath once or twice a week. They also need air circulation so should never be kept in an enclosed jar. Easiest way to appreciate a piece of live nature right at your office desk, by your bed or on your bathroom vanity. Lovely Air Plant and Clear Glass Hanging Terrarium 4 1/2" wide with flat glass bottom included! What a great gift or for a pick me up on your desk.

Price: $ 45

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Lightspeed expands Professional Trading Tools through strategic alliance with true quote

Lightspeed Trading, LLC, a leading provider of direct market access trading solutions, and mini prime brokerage services for professional traders and institutions, an exclusive strategic alliance with true quote where quote options market data and trade activity scanners to Lightspeed customers has formed.

"To help our clients identify trade added value creation opportunities is service that we are excited to enter and is in line with the Lightspeed's tradition of our customers with the best and most advanced tools available on the market," said Collin Carrico, President, Lightspeed trading. "True quote is a market leader in options for scanning technology that allows traders to identify unique opportunities that otherwise would remain unseen." For a limited time, will be provided without cost to where quote Lightspeed customers.

True quote trade market activity and data scanner uses filter-criteria and predefined user to efficiently circumstances essential for traders to generate and implement trading strategies. The system is designed to recognize opportunities and the trader if conditions are met. The software links to order Windows and can facilitate fast and reliable trade execution automatically.

"Lightspeed offers true quote users cutting edge, efficient execution technology, access to a wide variety of order routing locations, competitive Commission rates, and excellent customer service," said Kim Kramer, founding member, where quote.
True quote is fully integrated in Lightspeed's offer and is currently used by Lightspeed clients. True quote is only available for new and existing Lightspeed clients. Visit for more information.

About Lightspeed financial, Inc.

Based in New York City and Chicago, Lightspeed Financial, through its wholly owned subsidiary, operates Lightspeed Trading, LLC, a fully public introducing broker-dealer and FINRA and NFA member. The company provides effects and direct access brokerage, trade and advanced order routing services to their customers using Lightspeed's software products. Lightspeed institutional is a division of Lightspeed Trading, LLC.

© 2013 Lightspeed financial, Inc. all rights reserved.

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Make Money While You Sleep - Advanced Forex Auto Trading Robot

These days it is hard to get something reliable, accurate, and affordable at the same time. Well... This system is !!!

I'm a retired Banking Professional, with over 12 years of Foreign Exchange Experience. I want you to know that Banks have a completely different approach towards making money in Forex market, with simple but powerful strategies. I've built this EA using one such Hidden strategy !!!

It is fully automated. You can just start the Expert Advisor and simply forget it. It will run all 365 days for 24 hrs a day, and keep looking for profitable moments for you, helping you make unimaginable money even while you sleep.

There is only one rule to follow while buying Automated EAs.

Don't Buy based on Backtested results !!!

Back Testing is very easy to do. With a click of a button Metatrader can backtest any method programmed in any date range. Results are finely displayed with graphs and analysis. Parameters can be changed to test run again and new results are out. This method can be performed over an over until best results are achieved. A tweaked system which delivers excellent historical results will surely fail in the future.

Forward testing is the only way to prove that an EA actually works !!!

There are two reasons how this EA is different from the others

1. The EA had been forward tested for more than 2 years continuously, on my live account, dealing with real money and not just demo currency.

2. I give you a full money back gaurantee. You just have to send me the live testing statement (even from demo account) with default settings for 4 weeks, and if the EA had lost money, I will refund your payment. No questions asked. I gaurantee.

Once you get this system and truly understand it, you will have unlimited income potential.

Price: $99.99

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Market's First "Tradometer" , POINTS to trading opportunities

Video report footage of a new "one off" trading tool.  Founder developed in typical  "ground up" style, a bizarre combination of  speedometer styling linked to a full blown multi-time frame analysis algorithm .  Nothing in the financial markets exist in comparison that features a multiple time frame analysis capability  linked to a Needle like meter. It looks like a speedometer, hence the name "Tradometer".

Unlike most other indicators, this "light bulb" idea was to have an indicator that "Predicts" the price, rather than just tell you where the price has already been. This is a Forward looking indicator, which recalculates it's outlook window with ever single tick.  The time frames being analyzed range from 1 minute all the way up to 60 minute bar charts which covers weeks of data.

John developed this system to provide a simple way that an average trader could use multiple time frame analysis to their advantage.  As John described, "If we do not factor in the popular time frame groups of traders, which are primarily focused on their own specific time frames, then we are in effect ignoring major market forces that will impact our trades.

If for instance one trader leans heavily on a 5 minute chart, and based his trades on that 5 minute bar chart set up, then that one trader is actually a representation of a larger group of 5 minute bar chart traders, which is a popular time frame.  The cumulative impact of a popular time frame like the 5 minute chart, adds  major pressure to the intraday price behavior of that instrument.  So a different trader that focuses only on his daily chart, will be oblivious to the forces he's up against from the 5 minute chart group, unless he too considers the 5 minute bar chart analysis. Our trading "universe" as John puts it, should include multiple time frames, if we want our analysis to be accurate and our risk to be minumized.

What the Tradometer does is factor in all those popular times for you, and converts that analysis to a simple Needle reading.  Just like a speedometer or multi-meter would.  It's seems a novel idea, but also just common sense (applied to a complex algorithm).

Along side the Tradometer needle, sits 5 Textual indicators as well, which gives even further definition to the multi-time frame universe. There is a certain "cool factor" to the Tradometer, but from a monetary stand point I could see some potential here.

The signals it provides, are designed to look forward up to 2 days. Which means, Any significant signal is puts out have the potential to be a 2 day swing trade. It's nice to know that the 2 day outlook is potentially on your side, even if your only making a quick day trade.

The Tradometer, ultimately was designed for live broadcast, where a trader could simple go to the traderrobotics  site and watch it, as opposed to downloading software to run on your own platform.

Still in later stage development, the future for Tradometer seems to be "pointing" in the right direction.

More details are available on site.  

Video Link here

Potential to be broadcast live with public accessibility is one future option on the table, according to John.

Trader Robotics is a technical analysis forecasting site based in Missouri and noted for bringing to market the first talking robotic S&P analyst, "Cybornia" , which was a live daily broadcast now off air.

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Momentum stock issues Alert

MYRY released a press release stating that they had acquired the MyMobiPoints mobile technology for iPhone. This brought a buying frenzy making the company stock to close 26.00% with 865,258 shares traded, which is much more than the average.

The sheer size and profits on the stock chart shows huge accumulation, which can dramatically increase the value of the shares of the company. All short term momentum indicators are bullishly also read. The closing price of the company today exceeded the 200 day simple moving average, which is also an important level. TopInvestmentAlerts has a bullish outlook on MYRY.

About TopInvestmentAlerts.Com
Top investment alerts uses the experience of a talented team of day traders. Top investment warnings realizes that the average penny stock trader is not time to research for the best penny stocks every day, so that they deal with the search for those traders and deliver the results to their inbox. Their email alerts are currently free for a limited time, so take advantage now and learn from the best penny-stock traders on the OTC markets.

Top investment Alerts is not a registered securities Advisor. Investors should always conduct their own due diligence with potential investments or flagged extra company. The company offers information about the highlighted stocks via press releases, newsletters and the company website, but this should not be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell. Visit the company's website for a more complete list of risks and disclosures.

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New Forex Technical Analysis Area on, the UK based trading portal, has developed a new technical analysis area based on the most popular forex markets.

The new forex area is updated daily and covers the popular euro/dollar, sterling/dollar, dollar/yen, euro/sterling and dollar/Swiss franc markets.

The daily research comes from a number of different market analysts and covers both short-term trends as well as long-term market movements.

Each research article gives a snapshot of the technical levels such as where the market is likely to find 'price support' or 'price resistance'.

Some market analysts review the support and resistance levels and try to predict the next direction of the market. Other analysts point out possible target levels and what could happen if the market moves unexpectedly.

According to Jenna Cutly, Editor at, technical analysis can be quick and convenient but users should still take care.

"Whilst we offer a range of both fundamental analysis and technical analysis, many of our readers prefer the latter. This is because, theoretically, with technical analysis, all the facts and data on a particular market are built into the price.

"The theory means that investors don't need to review the financial news, reports and fundamental market information as such elements are, in principle, already reflected in the price.

"However, while this analysis can be particularly convenient and fast, the primary negative is that it is predicated on historical data. Just because a particular forex market has been rising or falling, that does not necessarily mean it will continue to rise or fall.

"Investors should also remember that leveraged products like margined forex, CFDs and spread trading carry a high level of risk to their capital and it is possible to lose more than their initial investment."

For more details see

About CleanFinancial is a financial portal which features a wide range of trading information as well as guides and charts - - covering hundreds of individual markets. The website features daily updates and reviews of the global foreign exchange, commodity and stock markets.

CFDs, margined forex and spread trading may not be suitable for all investors. Investors should only speculate with money that they can afford to lose. Before trading, investors should make sure that they fully understand the risks involved and seek independent financial advice as and when necessary.

The reports on are for information purposes only and are not intended as investment advice or trading recommendations. Neither nor any contributing company or author accepts any responsibility for the correctness or accuracy of the information provided.

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Marvel Trading Card Game

The hit Trading Card Game and the Marvel Universe come together in the digital world! Based on Upper Deck Entertainment’s best-selling Vs. System Trading Card Game, Marvel Trading Card Game features Marvel’s complete stable of characters such as Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Avengers, Ghost Rider, the Fantastic Four, The Hulk and more. Assemble your deck and square off against super heroes and super villains in the game’s story mode, or go online in cross platform play to take on other players from around the country.

Price: $14.99

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In The Trading Cockpit with the O'Neil Disciples

"Morales and Kacher want you to see an alternative to popular and traditional dead end strategies (i.e., buy and hope). Absorb the insights of In the Trading Cockpit with the O'Neil Disciples and put yourself in position to think differently—and profit."
— Michael W. Covel, Bestselling author of Trend Following and The Complete TurtleTrader; President, Trend Following

Your hands-on guide to mastering powerful trading methods inspired by stock market legend William O'Neil

Written by two former William O'Neil + Co. employees who have spent years building upon the lessons they learned working alongside the master, this book delivers powerful trading techniques based on the O'Neil model that you can put to work in your own portfolio, right away.

The follow-up to their bestselling Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple, In the Trading Cockpit with the O'Neil Disciples goes beyond the descriptive narrative of the former book to provide you with step-by-step guidance and all the practice you need to quickly master those tried-and-true methods and make them an integral part of your trading system.

You'll find:

  • Clear, step-by-step explanations of powerful new trading strategies, including techniques for buying pocket pivots and gap-ups

  • Hundreds of annotated examples—with charts—of real-life trades from the authors' own experiences with detailed analysis of what worked, what didn't, and why

  • Set ups with buy, add, and sell points for both winning and losing scenarios

  • Dozens of skill-building exercises that help you quickly master the techniques described

  • Tried-and-true stock shorting techniques based on William O'Neil's methods

Written by established experts Gil Morales and Dr. Chris Kacher, In the Trading Cockpit with the O'Neil Disciples is an indispensable guide to mastering proven strategies for trading stocks for record profits in every market environment.

Price: $75.00

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New Online Incubation Portal Rolls Out Welcome Mat for Budding Traders

Armed with a growing following after its launch in November 2012, seed capital web portal RAPA Cap Intro is preparing for its first major allocation at the end of this month.

Matching trading talent with investment capital, RAPA Cap Intro serves to nurture and build budding traders through its online platform. Set to allocate $1.2 million to the top five traders on the RAPA Leaderboard, the company relies on its RAPA Score™ algorithm as a primary filter to screen traders presenting their performance numbers.

Michael Berman, CEO and Co-Founder of RAPA Cap Intro, says the “algo” is part of the company’s secret sauce. “We hope it will become the industry gold standard in manager performance measurement,” he said. He is excited about the allocation, as well as the future of working with emerging talent. “We are in talks with various institutional investors to increase the amount of capital available for allocation, significantly, in the coming months,” he said.

RAPA Cap Intro was launched last year in partnership with Australian domiciled financial services boutique Gleneagle Securities and a couple of corporate heavyweights. RAPA management has drawn on its team’s collective experience of more than 50 years of trading with its cutting edge mathematics and quantitative finance to design its RAPA Score™.

For further information on getting involved in a trader seeding program with RAPA Cap Intro, please visit

About RAPA Cap Intro

RAPA (Risk and Profit Analyzer) Cap Intro is an online portal that matches trading talent with emerging manager capital. The portal uses a number of analytical and social networking tools to provide a community where traders of all levels can participate. Traders featured at the top of the RAPA Leaderboard are able to raise capital and earn fees from the RAPA investor community. Founded in November 2012, the company gives investors an opportunity to verify returns and assess trader skill. For more information please visit

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OneMarketData Appoints Jeffrey Vice President, Market Development

OneMarketData, LLC (, a leader in tick data management and analytics, today announced that Jeffrey Banker has been appointed senior vice president, market development. As part of OneMarketData’s commitment to meet the growing global demand for its product suite and continually invest in top industry talent, Banker will join the firm’s senior management team to identify and bring new products to market, develop the professional service business, and grow the company’s expanding line of products across large financial enterprises.

Banker brings over 20 years of experience developing innovative reference data, analytic and workflow solutions supporting the wealth management, low latency trading and exchange traded funds marketplace. Prior to joining OneMarketData, Banker was executive vice president of the real-time market data and trading solution group at Interactive Data Corporation, which provides content, analytics and managed infrastructure services to the trading and wealth management segments. Prior to that, Banker launched Gomez Networks, a business focused on providing cloud APM capabilities to measure, monitor and optimize network and infrastructure performance across the internet. Earlier in his career, Banker served as senior vice president of institutional products at Fidelity Investments, which provides trading, risk, compliance and content solutions to the fully disclosed broker dealer and registered investment advisor segments.
“The financial services industry is increasingly relying on tick data management and analysis to shape strategy and strengthen research initiatives, which continues to fuel OneMarketData’s strong global growth,” said Leonid Frants, CEO of OneMarketData. “Adding someone of Jeff’s caliber to our management team will allow us to better anticipate our clients’ growing needs and continue to drive the innovative product and market development that are hallmarks of OneMarketData and enable our users to stay ahead of the competition.”

“As tick data volumes continue to grow, financial firms must be able to quickly and cost effectively capture, manage, archive and access real-time and historical data in order to maintain their systemic edge. OneMarketData is uniquely positioned to meet this challenge and help quants and traders focus on activities that will help them capture alpha, and I look forward to working with the team to develop new initiatives to meet our client’s current and future requirements,” said Banker.

About OneMarketData
OneMarketData provides market data management and analytical solutions that enable financial institutions to outmaneuver the competition by executing new trading strategies faster.  Through its flagship product OneTick, the only solution that combines complex event processing (CEP) and tick data management spanning both historical and real-time, quants, analysts and traders can enhance alpha and increase performance through superior data management.  Through its intuitive, performance-driven design, OneTick users benefit from an enterprise system that was built by Wall Street experts to address the sophisticated data analysis needs of the most discerning financial institutions.  More information is available at
Media Contact:
Shaina Mardinly
Articulate Communications Inc.
212.255.0080 X 15

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Online Incubation Portal RAPA Cap Intro Announces Executive Team

With a successful launch and allocation under its belt, seed capital web portal RAPA Cap Intro is pleased to officially announce today the team behind the financial technology start-up:

Michael Berman, CEO & Co-Founder, along with Vladimir Krouglov and Eugene Olin, Quant/Software Developers, round out the team of expert traders and mathematicians. Bringing over 25 years of academic and industry experience, the team combines technical and academic knowledge with real world trading experience.

Michael Berman

Berman, hailing from South Africa, brings over ten years of real world trading experience to the operation. With a Ph.D. in Behavioral Finance, Berman handles all of the business aspects of the operation. In his role he is responsible for overseeing the ever widening pool of trading talent and growing the business operations of RAPA Cap Intro. He currently resides in Sydney.

“When I see people using and quoting our technology I get a blast of pride that nobody can describe. From an idea to a business in less than six months is a huge and rewarding effort,” Berman said.

Vladimir Krouglov

Born and currently residing in Ukraine, Krouglov is a respected academic and mathematician. He studied at Kharkov National University, where he pursued both a Master of Science and Ph.D. in Geometry. Krouglov drives all theoretical model development for the portal.

“Our combined experience covers almost all the industry and we complement each other and create a ‘full production cycle’ – from the idea to its implementation,” said Krouglov.

Eugene Olin

Recently published in the Pacific Journal of Mathematics, this Ukrainian born mathematician and software engineer has both taught and practiced in the field. Olin has worked on large CRM systems for Ukrainian industrial companies, and brings his engineering talent to build the RAPA platform.

Olin is thrilled with the results RAPA has attained in a few short months. “It is extremely difficult to market any internet project, RAPA isn’t an exception,” Olin said. “I treat our 1000 members as a very good achievement.”

To read more of the interview with the team, please visit the RAPA website (

About RAPA Cap Intro

RAPA (Risk and Profit Analyzer) Cap Intro is an online portal that matches trading talent with emerging manager capital. The portal uses a number of analytical and social networking tools to provide a community where traders of all levels can participate. Founded in November 2012, the company gives investors an opportunity to verify returns and assess trader skill. For more information please visit

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Marvel Trading Card Game: Fantastic Four Starter Set

It's clobberin' time! Lead the Fantastic Four against Dr. Doom in an all-out battle. This box contains everything two players need in order to play, including a full-color rulebook and two 26-card decks.

Price: $12.99

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Passion Portfolio app for iOS platform

PlexObject Solutions, Inc., a Seattle based Independent Software Vendor, announced a new mobile game "Passion Portfolio" on Apple iOS platform. Passion Portfolio is a virtual stock trading game where players trade stocks based on their passions and hobbies. When a player join Passion Portfolio, he/she receives $10,000 virtual cash for buying stocks. The player then defines his/her passions such as hobbies, profession, causes, etc. The Passion Portfolio games then searches public companies that match users' passions and adds those companies to their favorite list.

Each day, the players are awarded free stocks from one of the company that matched their passions. The Passion Portfolio game keeps track of users' stock values on daily basis and users can watch growth of their portfolio over a period of time. Users can also customize passions and matching companies anytime to suit their likings.

In addition to receiving free stocks, users can also buy or sell other companies in virtual stock market using virtual cash they received. Upon sale of a stock, a capital gain/loss is calculated based on difference between initial stock price and final sell price.

Finally, users receive special badges each day based on capital gains they earned or growth of their portfolio value. Passion Portfolio uses Game Center and posts users with highest portfolio values on the leader boards.

For more information, please contact:

Shahzad Bhatti!/bhatti_shahzad!/passionportfol

PlexObject Solutions, Inc. is a privately held company that builds customized solutions with innovative software technology. To find out more about PlexObject Solutions, Inc., please visit

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Monster Binder - 4 Pocket Trading Card Album

Monster Binder - 4 Pocket Matte Red Monster Protectors - 160+ card carrying capacity side loading pockets with built in AntiTheft system. Cushioned pages for added protection. Pages are actually sewn in for added durability. Custom binding expands as you put more cards into it. Monster Protectors binders, albums, and portfolios are the most in-demand binders on the TCG market. There is no other product that matches the level of storage space and durability. These binders feature a 360 card carrying capacity, with side loading pockets that are both antitheft and prevent your cards from slipping out of place. Each of the 20 pages is cushioned to give your cards an extra level of protection. Monster Protectors binders also feature a custom binding that expands as you put more cards into it, so the cover always stays flush against the pages, never exposing your cards to harm. All of the pages are also stitched in rather than being glued in so the binders are incredibly durable and last for years.

Price: $19.95

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Perseus Telecom Joins FIX Protocol Ltd

Perseus Telecom, a leading provider of ultra-low latency, high capacity global networks, has joined FIX Protocol Ltd (FPL), the non-profit association responsible for defining, managing and promoting increased usage of FIX as an enabler for electronic trading. As a member of FPL, Perseus will be shaping industry discussions around trading technology and low-latency layer-2 networking.

Through a number of Working Groups, FPL seeks to bring together important constituents across the financial services industry to facilitate greater transparency, straight-through-processing and reduced costs. By joining the High Performance Working Group, Perseus will help to accelerate how market orders for executions are transmitted from market to market and from buy-side to sell-side. Perseus’ expertise in ultra-low-latency and market data delivery optimization helps firms utilize the fastest routes and lowest latency technologies that Perseus provides via high-speed fiber optics and ultra-low latency wireless services. Perseus joined the Latin America Working Group as part of the firm’s regional strategy with offices in Brazil and a team well versed in order execution technology.

'FPL is a non-profit, industry-driven organisation that is independent and neutral, focused on addressing the business and regulatory issues impacting the global financial markets through standardisation. FPL welcomes new member firms, the knowledge and experience they bring help to generate fresh perspectives and ideas, which prove incredibly important in ensuring the organisation's continued success,” says Daniella Baker, FPL Global Marketing and Communications Manager, FIX.

As part of the new FPL membership, Perseus will be contributing to the discussion around global trading technology at the upcoming FPL EMEA Trading Conference on February 28th in London.

“Participating in FPL is an important endeavor for the markets Perseus serves as we are uniquely addressing the space of trading technology for order routing and to-the-tick market data,” notes Marcos Guimaraes, President of Perseus do Brazil. “Our ultra-low-latency network is engineered to sustain very large capacity for global market data from over 50 markets such as between Nasdaq OMX in New York and BM&F BOVESPA in Sao Paolo. This is ideal for trading connections as a high-speed alternative to layer-3 networking. We hope to bring fresh new ideas to some of the most important markets traders are active in today.”

About Perseus Telecom

Perseus Telecom is an award winning global provider and facilities based licensed carrier of enterprise and financial telecommunications with a focus on ultra-low latency networks. In addition to the fastest route between USA and Brazil, Perseus Telecom recently announced the fastest trans-Atlantic route in April 2012, named QuanTA. The company also connects Asia-Pac and Europe with significant points of presence in Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, London, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Moscow, Madrid, Milan and Dublin.

Perseus Telecom works with the world’s leading fibre assets and technologies to provide cost effective, efficient and valuable network solutions for its customers. Perseus Telecom Customers include: Banking, Trading, Finance, Fund Management, Broadcast Media and Entertainment Companies, Law Firms and Capital Partnerships, Global Manufacturers and Pharmaceutical Companies. The management team has decades of experience in major Tier 1 carrier companies and operates from offices in London, Dublin, New York, Chicago and Sao Paulo. For more information on Perseus Telecom, go to

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The Best of Darrell Evans - Trading My Sorrows

Trading My Sorrows – The Songs Of Darrell Evans features new and favorite hits by award-winning worship leader and songwriter Darrell Evans. This guitar-driven collection combines live and studio performances, candid lyrics, and raw passion to create an engaging worship album that speaks powerfully to a generation in search for more.

Price: $16.99

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Pro Level Trading Announces Partnership with Kinetick Software

Day trading education and mentoring company, Pro-Level Trading, recently announced that they have partnered with NinjaTrader, LLC. NinjaTrader, LLC is a company that developed high-performance trading software. A brand of software they own and operate, known as Kinetick, will now be used by Pro-Level Trading. Pro-Level Trading writes...

“Active traders world-wide demand reliability, speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness from their financial market data provider and Kinetick delivers it to them every day! Kinetick provides fast, unfiltered, real time quotes for stocks, futures and forex that exceed the expectations of the world’s most demanding traders, like us!”

Pro-Level Trading demands high-performance software for their clients in providing them the top day trading education possible. They are happy with this partnership with Kinetick Software, and hopes that it can provide the best experience to both them and their clients.

Pro-Level Trading has a mission to provide a quality day trading education and mentoring program with the goal of producing successful traders. Two Wall Street veterans started Pro-Level Trading after noticing the need for a mentor relationship to instill confidence and success in traders. Combining over 40 years of experience in trading, Pro-Level Trading uses a combination of online learning, seminars, private mentoring, and their proven Virtual Trading Room to teach and reinforce their proven trading strategy. For more information about Pro-Level Trading, please refer to their website at

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Quality Importers Desktop Humidor, Capri-Glasstop

The capri glass top desktop humidor comes completely lined with premium kiln-dried spanish cedar and features quality importer's sureseal technology to insure proper lid seal on closure. It has a scratch-resistant felt-lined bottom, gold-plated hidden quadrant hinges, engravable brass nameplate and one round humidifier (unless otherwise noted).

Price: $42.25

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Koyal Group To Offer Forex Trading Services

“The service we plan to offer to our clients will hugely increase the income from our trading departments as well as add a new dimension to the services offered by Koyal Group” said Edward Neilson, Chief Executive Officer.

Head of Analysis Mr Nathan Andrews, said “as our traders are already trading currencies constantly, offering forex services to our clients is an idea that I have advocated for a long time so I’m really pleased that it has finally been agreed to by our directors”

The service itself will be made available only to research clients, i.e. in conjunction with other services and a minimum 12 month contract for this service will be mandatory.  Mr Edward Neilson said “Of course we are making a significant investment in this venture and it is important to gauge the level of interest from our current clients, as well as ensure that our initial investment provides the company as well as the clients with strong returns”.

Essentially Koyal Group already examines a wealth of data on the global economies each day and does trade on the foreign exchange markets, but this is the first time the company has offered this particular service to its clientele.

According to Mr Joseph Samuels Jnr, Koyal Group’s Head of Principle Investments, a new department will be created to deal with the trading and advisory service, but the data itself and by and large the decision making process will remain as it is currently.

Koyal Group now aims to sign sufficient contracts with current clients to ensure the success of the service prior to the implementation of this new department, but provided this is realised in time, the service is scheduled to commence in January of 2014.

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Pokemon - Trading Card Game

The hit Wizards of the Coast card game comes to the Game Boy Color! Pokémon Trading Card Game features many of the famed Wizards of the Coast cards, plus exclusive cards not found in any store. Equipped with a modest deck and sage words of advice from the wise Dr. Mason, you'll win booster decks by battling--and defeating--a series of rivals. You'll need to talk to everyone that you encounter in this adventure role-playing game (RPG). Each conversation may unlock a key piece of information or an offer to trade cards.

You can also scour bulging bookshelves for new tactics or check your e-mail for additional clues--you might even get a valuable booster pack from Dr. Mason! Players of the Wizards of the Coast game will recognize the basic game mechanics and strategies, which are faithful to the popular trading card game. In all, there are more than 200 cards. You can even battle a friend via the Game Link cable!

Price: $7.99

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